My Success Mantra – Part I (Mornings)

So much has been heard, said and read about success mantras from leaders and people across the world. It’s up to us to believe and follow what we think are the best out of them. For me, well I have always studied and followed people/leaders throughout the world who have at some point in time stumbled and then again have risen to reclaim their position and beyond with their sheer determination, passion and hard-work. There is a lot to learn from them and their journey’s as it gives a lot to chew and work on. By following the 8 steps below which is an extraction of learning’s I have had from their journey’s, I have managed to effectively increase my efficiency & productivity at all levels

1.    Get up Early when the world sleeps

I am up between 4 am & 4:30 am everyday even on holidays. It helps me stay focused and plan better. Sleeping early will help you achieve this. Practice Silence for greater clarity. Be relaxed but stay attentive. The best of the ideas come to you when your mind is relaxed and concentrating elsewhere in complete silence.

2.    Make truthful Affirmations to self

Make positive affirmations on self-judgment. Your affirmation should be realistically achievable and not a wish.

3.    Craft Affirmations to Success

Visualize the activity that would help you reach your affirmation rather than visualizing that you are already there and done it. It’s the activities that are important for you to reach the affirmation. Believing that you are already there just shuts your mind and the door for thinking.

4.    Morning Exercise

Stay fit both mentally and physically. Exercise for at-least 30-60 minutes a day. A good workout trains not only your body but your mind too. Teaches focus and determination.

5.    Reading Everyday

Read a few pages / Learn something new each day. It adds a lot of value to your personality.

6.    Create Priorities for the day

There are many things in a day that you would need to do once you enter office or step out of your home and the mind has a tendency to go all over the place ending up in you losing focus. Hence its important to think of those 3 most important things that you need to achieve in that day to reach closer to your Biggest Goal which should be on Top priority list for you. Write them down.

7.    Appreciate your Current Place in the Journey

Always appreciate where you are and what you are doing. The Journey will take you places but the place/company you are in does deserve the due credit and the respect. It will always be a certain milestone in your career. This helps me focus better and give my 100% to whatever I do. It also boosts my morale and adds tremendous confidence to my conversations.

8.    25 minutes time for self during the day

You need to plan for 25 minutes for self during the day at work; 15 minutes at the start of work; 5 minutes mid-day; 5 minutes at the end of day. This is hardly about less than 5% of your 9-hour workday. This is a whole different subject, which I will cover in my next article.

Published by Sushant Sinha

A knowledge seeker, avid traveller, conversationalist, risk taker, dreamer, mentor, realtor, consultant, fitness junkie, speaker, adventurer, motivator, love life and always happy...

5 thoughts on “My Success Mantra – Part I (Mornings)

  1. True that and thanks for being a resounding affirmation in what I believe in.
    Daily rituals are about keeping consistency- without anyone looking without any pat in the back, claps and salute.
    Rewards and applauds last for minutes or hours but the hard work is persevered in your aloneness with consistency. Its put every day; every hour and every minute.

    There are always good times and bad times. You never know when one depletes the other.
    One must always keep the consistency of daily rituals to be prepared rock solid mentally; physically emotionally for the good times. 🙏🏻🙏🏻


  2. I can’t agree move Sushant. Your mornings are filled with miracle moments fir the day.
    One who manages his mornings well always has more time than the others

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