Overcoming Sales Objections

Even before you start, the first and the foremost important rule of handling sales objections is “Stay Calm and do not get excited; Listen well.“. It’s important to have a cool temperament and stable head on your shoulders as it helps you understand the concern better and react accordingly. A reaction on a half cooked understanding of a concern will always fall back on you.

1: Anticipate the Objections First. You need to be able to anticipate the objections that are going to come our way while in a sales discussion. This would depend on the subject or topic of the sales discussion and hence you need to be able to anticipate these questions.

2: Create Objection answers for these questions that you have thought of which might come during the discussion. You need to be precise with these and to the point without wandering around.

3: Do Your Homework. You need to ensure that enough background work is done while answering these questions or objections as that would decide the flow of the discussion with the client. Without proper homework, it would sound cooked up and might not go well with a knowledgeable client.

4: Enter the Presentation With the Right Attitude. No matter what your mind says or you feel towards the outcome of the meeting, you always need to have the right attitude while you enter the same. You attitude would decide how you would fair in the discussion and will help drive the meeting your way.

5: Remove Objections One-By-One Calmly. If there are more than one objections, listen and write down each one of them and one-by-one have them removed by the logical reasoning that we have prepared or have. At the same time you need to do this with complete peace of mind and calmly so as to give the client an impression that you are thoroughly prepared and have handled these objections on a regular basis. Panicking on any objection will only give him the upperhand to grill more and dig deeper.

6 : Always Control the discussion and never let the client be in the driver seat. You need to lead the conversation in the direction you want it to go while ensuring that the client’s needs are met too. If the client gets onto the driver seat then we are done with and the deal would not happen. Always remember that at any given point in time, we should be ahead of the client and should always have more knowledge on what we are proposing. It’s our product and we are the ones who are proposing this, so it’s important that we know the product, market, pro’s & con’s. etc. better than the client.

7 : There is no harm in Accepting if you do not know the answer of something. In fact the client like the frank nature when you tell them that you would come back on that subject rather than giving wrong or false answers. Never do that. Always cross check if there is something that you are confused on and tell the client that you would come back to him within a certain timeline on the same. Also mind you that these should not basic questions but something that is very important and needs detailing otherwise the client might feel that there is a lack of knowledge of the product.

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